The building where I work is closing down. It’s being cleared out floor by floor, leaving little behind. An empty box here, an abandoned wardrobe of clothing there. The depopulation is also apparent – there is palpably less noise as you walk in the main doors. And the only humans I captured in one of these photographs were workmen dismantling office furniture.

This is the second time I find myself in a BBC premises that’s being packed up. In 2013, the much-loved Television Centre became part of the broadcaster’s history, not to mention many workers. There is maybe less affection for the modern Media Centre building, but it’s sad to see it wither into a shell of desertion, and strangely chilling to record its demise.

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22 thoughts on “Desertion

  1. So sad to see a building being cleared out. Still you can feel the people walk and work on the floors, thanks to your great photography.


  2. Ahhhh, progress… Bad for sentiment, but great for photographers! Lovely images, Mike, but there’s the same sense of emptiness and desertion that your TVC shots had… :(


  3. Great captures, Mike. Very empty, eerie, deserted and all of that but beautiful abstracts. My favourite has to be ‘Cleared Out’ because of the bit of red colour.


  4. Oh Mike, such great shots and so sad. I think I have said before that I was amongst the first wave of staff to move in to that building when it first opened. I have a lot of happy memories, and so it is so sad to see it empty like this. What’s going to happen to the building, where will you work now?


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