Fit for a queen

Greenwich in London is a remarkable concentration of architectural riches. In a small area you can visit the splendour of the Queen’s House, a handsome pile of majestic columns, crowned with the beautiful swirl of the Tulip Stairs.

It’s just a short walk away to the commanding site of the Old Royal Naval College, with its domed Painted Hall and fabulously intricate chapel. These gems may be full of the grandeur of old, but with symmetry and pure lines of their contemporary successors. A photographer’s joy.

And thanks to Cindy Eve of 3 Days in London for recommending the trek to this popular corner of the city.

Click first image to view this selection

Gallery entrance

12 thoughts on “Fit for a queen

  1. Lovely shots, Mike (although ‘Circle of Diamonds’ makes my eyes go funny!). I’ve not been there since I was knee high to a grasshopper… I need to get me back there again! :)


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