The new joy of film

Olympus-35 ECI recently became the owner of an Olympus-35 EC, a compact film camera made in Japan around 1970. It’s close to pristine and its battery-powered components remain fully functional.

The proof of the pudding is in the shooting, however, so I quickly and easily loaded a Fuji ISO 400 colour film and went on my travels around west London with it tucked away in my pocket. Unloading the film was also slick and stress-free with this clever little gadget.

The first results have arrived after a trip to the developers. The bad news first – some close-ups I attempted were out of focus failures, simply beyond the range of the little Zuiko lens.

But that was the only downside. I’m impressed that a 45-year-old camera is still able to produce such clarity, depth and colour with that authentic granularity. Film definitely rivals digital on this evidence – and has its own magic too.

Click first image to view this selection

Gallery entrance

The Photo Shop


19 thoughts on “The new joy of film

  1. I love working with film. If the Internet was paper based I’d use it all the time – the images are just so much (for want of a better word) better.

    These pics are great x


  2. Lovely images, Mike. Soft Pink Underbelly works really well and the colours in Dusk at Holland Park are stunning! :D Who needs new when old obviously works so well! :)


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