Northern shores

North coast skies

This was far away from the hustle and bustle of London life. I travelled to Northumberland in the far north of England, a place blessed with beautiful coastline and the Farne Islands, which are the domain of bird life and seals. From the seaside village of Seahouses, you can take boat trips out into the North Sea, looking back at the commanding citadel of Bamburgh Castle and getting close to the islets crowded with wildlife.

The sun stubbornly refused to show itself that day, meaning light pastel skies and rolling clouds. Photography from a boat riding a choppy ocean caused some problems – and admittedly a little biliousness. Back on dry land, the sands at Bamburgh were dotted with walkers enjoying the open spaces of a magnificent corner of the country.

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15 thoughts on “Northern shores

  1. Wonderful collection, Mike. I can’t believe the number of seabirds trying to cram themselves onto that island. And as usual you have an excellent eye for the close-up detail shot. I can see your enjoyment of this place in your photos.


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