Summer grasses

Wind in the grassA glimpse of hot summer days and baking sunshine. Everyone has a memory of these grasses – they’re the ones you can pluck and throw as darts. They stick in hair and clothing. We’ve all done it. In a corner of west London they catch the wind and look gloriously green. Some simply lie on the tarmac, spent and useless. A simple part of nature which appears lush and complex when subjected to the camera lens.

Tarmac darts

The green grasses
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Gallery entrance

12 thoughts on “Summer grasses

  1. Great angles on these shots Mike. Can you change the surrounding colour on your blog? It really looked good on my screen today with the yellow surround, the yellow/greem in the first shot and the yellow of your header image. Just seemed to really work whether it was intentional or not :)


    • Hi Lee, many thanks. This was a nice little shoot in the middle of an urban housing estate. Yes, I can change the background on the blog and do so from time to time. I picked the yellow to mirror some of the shades in the header. I’m glad you noticed it and indeed like it!


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