Juicy fruit

This is the recipe for a sublime summer afternoon in west London. First, go and buy a delicious pile of seasonal fruits – strawberries, cherries, apricots, nectarines and blackberries among others. Then clip on your macro lens, set up your tripod and photograph them.

Home has a bright, airy loft conversion with plenty of white surfaces – a good impromptu studio space with ample light. The fruit behaved themselves and were happy to pose. The cherries even appreciated a misting of water in the heat to add depth and create bokeh.

And the best outcome of all – plenty of delicious fruit to eat and enjoy after the shoot. Surely it’s not unethical to consume your subjects?…

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Gallery entrance

11 thoughts on “Juicy fruit

  1. Luscious and well designed images. Best models don’t complain and being able to eat them after the shoot is just the icing on the cake :)


  2. Great idea and photos!
    I had a very similar one this weekend – I did a whole vegetable series. It is almost 40C here so you can’t really sit outside, have to have the blinds drawn otherwise the house will be like an oven 5 minutes later, and I was getting cabin fever. As I had just bought lots of veg at the market I decided to experiment with different surfaces and veg and had a field day. Your fruit idea is more practicable, though, as I couldn’t eat the raw veg :-)


    • Hi Kiki, good to hear from you and pleased to hear great minds think alike! I’m glad it wasn’t so hot here as the fruit would have soon perished. Actually, the blackberries started to go a bit mushy so had to be sacrificed first! I’ll take a look at your veg shoot :)


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