7/7 + 10

It is 10 years today since a series of bombings on London’s transport network killed 52 people.

I visited the 7 July memorial in Hyde Park. It is a stark, beautiful and very poignant arrangement of 52 stainless steel columns, each one representing the individuals who lost their lives during the city’s morning rush hour. Every slender pillar is inscribed with the time and location of the attacks and link together their four locations. There is also a stone which bears the names of the 52 people.

The permanent memorial was visited by others while I was there, while three bouquets of flowers were placed by the stone ahead of the landmark anniversary. It possesses an architectural purity while has a complexity of form, casting shadows with the sunlight and almost piercing the sky. It is a fitting marker of remembrance for an entire city and beyond.

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16 thoughts on “7/7 + 10

  1. These are very moving images and bring back some very powerful memories, I used to live in an apartment at the end of Praed Street v close to the Edgware Road station, that morning I was walking to the Tube and, on a whim, decided to take the bus instead, turned around, got on the bus and two minutes later the bombs detonated. I was lucky, unlike so many that morning. Thanks for sharing this Mike.


  2. A very appropriate post for today, Mike. Such a poignant day. One of my daughter’s closest friends died on the bus that was bombed and so as a family we feel we have a connection to this appalling act of barbarism.


    • Thank you Andy, it seemed fitting to visit the memorial for such a significant anniversary. I’m sorry to hear of your connection to what happened – I cannot imagine they appreciated what an impact this would have on so many people.


  3. This looks like a very thoughtfully designed memorial and very striking in it’s simplicity. “Inscriptions” is a particularly strong image for me.


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