Hej Stockholm!

Stockholm panorama

There’s no need to apologise for being a tourist in the handsome city of Stockholm in Sweden. Well that’s what I did, along with my Swedish friend and city dweller. A British visitor gave her a rare excuse to stroll at snail’s pace through Gamla Stan – the old quarter of the Swedish capital – and look around the imposing City Hall and clamber its tower for those delectable views across the water.

Also, don’t be sorry for using your camera here. There is a lot to capture, especially if the Scandinavian summer skies are flecked with fast-moving fluffy white clouds. The City Hall crowds, the mustard palette of Stockholm’s old buildings, snippets of architecture – and an obligatory pilgrimage to the Abba Museum – are all there for the taking.

If being a tourist is good enough for a Swede in their own town, then it’s good enough for me. Here’s some of our best bits…

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The Photo ShopGallery entrance

27 thoughts on “Hej Stockholm!

    • Hi James, I hope all is well with you. Thank you so much. I must admit the weather was favourable and the city has plenty to offer the eye. Have a good weekend – it’s perked up nicely at last.


  1. A nice series of images, Mike; they certainly bring the city to life. I love the photographing the photographer shot, and Benny’s “You KNOW you want to come in” look, lol…


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