Moving sky

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Gallery entrance

I look at the summer skies over my home in Shepherds Bush, west London, every day. Clouds fly across cobalt blue and rich dusky sunsets happen on even bad weather days.

My aim was to capture some of this movement, using a tripod and a neutral density (ND) filter. This keeps out most of the light and enables you to lengthen exposures even in bright conditions. This was just a stuttering start to show some of the motion of the clouds. The result appears milky and quite blurry, while foreground objects – such as a pigeon graciously sitting on an aerial mast – retain their clarity.

I haven’t decided whether I like the motion blur effect, or if it would be more impressive with a much bigger sky and very long exposures. Time to experiment further, I think…

Evening rush hour

Moving sky

The photo below was a regular exposure, but sky porn too good not to include, with its smoky pink puffs of cloud and aircraft trails picked out by a blazing evening sun.

Trailing the pink

10 thoughts on “Moving sky

  1. Love the sky porn :D What filter did you use for the middle one? I’ve just realised my ND filter isn’t dark enough to get what I want in the middle of the day – I have the expanse of sky which is being wasted at present for motion shots.


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