Wedding by the sea

This was Kevin and Clare’s special day. They were married among family and friends in the Kent seaside resort of Whitstable, in a beautiful beach house very close to the shore. This understated celebration was full of lovely details, as was the setting. From the bridal bouquet left momentarily in the sunny garden to the little bottles of bubbles that became confetti, it was a day to savour.

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A day of gentle revelry was capped in the most spectacular fashion, with an intensely warm sunset that cast its light and shadows across the sea at low tide and onto the beach. It was the rightful end to a memorable occasion.

Wedding's eve

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9 thoughts on “Wedding by the sea

  1. A very lovely set Mike. Love the 3 little hearts and you are the first person I know who photographed the other end of the bridal bouquet :) That sunset shot is a ripper, couldn’t do better down under :D


  2. As usual you’ve spotted the details beautifully Mike – and the portraits capture the couple’s warmth and closeness – just as a wedding should.


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