By the lake

By the lakeA lakeside vision. The stillness of the water. A tantalising view of the other shore. The symmetry of the carefully cultivated and pruned trees. Only the best is good enough for royalty, in this case the royals of Sweden. I captured this view at the castle of Gripsholm, set on an island 60km to the west to the Swedish capital Stockholm on a Scandinavian summer’s day. Well worth a visit…

Gallery entrance

18 thoughts on “By the lake

    • Ah, good thinking! I should add it to my retail area. Dungeness is a little out of your patch, I guess? Am finally making the trek there tomorrow (Sat) by way of public transport. An adventure beckons…


  1. It’s raining and too wet to want to venture out so I’ve drooled my way through your gallery and saving my pennies again!


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