A bite of Belgium

This was a midsummer jaunt across the North Sea to our continental neighbour Belgium. What should have been a sun-blistered long weekend was dogged by inclement weather, and mostly spent dodging sharp showers and regretting the decision not to pack more appropriate attire.

These photographs were gathered from two cloudy day trips, exploring the capital Brussels and visiting the coastal city of Oostende, where the promise of cycling along the seaside boardwalk was replaced with umbrellas. While blue skies were a rare sight, the wet weather provided rich reflections, dramatically leaden skies and a wealth of detail. Bravo Belgium.

Warm thanks to Bart Vandenberghe for his hospitality, humour and enthusiasm.

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Gallery entrance

16 thoughts on “A bite of Belgium

  1. Nice pictures of my country: I really did appreciate!

    Sorry for the weather ;-) But indeed this is not a reason not to have a good time and beautiful (a little bit more dramatic) pictures :-)


  2. Beautiful Belgium. Even on a rainy day it’s a nice country. I hope you’ve enjoyed the food too. Belgium cooks are the best :-)


  3. You captured the emptiness of the place which is half its charm and then compacted it with the tiniest of details – thank goodness for weather from which to make such wondrous shots – a photographer does not need sun ;)


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