End of the world

Dungeness vistaThis remote nub of land on the coast of south-east England is like none other. Dungeness is not a fully formed seaside resort packed with amusement arcades and throngs of noisy sun seekers. It is a strange place, dotted with sturdy little cottages, two lighthouses and even a nuclear power station. An added touch of the surreal is a miniature steam railway that whistles its way to a most unlikely station.

The scrubby, shingle landscape is scattered with beached boats, tumbledown sheds and long-forgotten waste. But an array of beautiful flowers thrive in this apparent wasteland, while there is a sense of tranquility close to the sea.

I always wanted to visit Dungeness with my camera, but thought it too remote to reach without a car. It has a wealth of architecture, natural wonders and landscape to capture. But above all else is the depth of mood that you find there. Desolate and distant, even slightly unnerving – but fascinating and thoroughly photogenic.

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29 thoughts on “End of the world

  1. Well I hope after such a lengthy stay that you are not glowing too much Mike. Really great eclectic mix of images from a place that I should really explore, time permitting. You have really captured the essence of this site. Hope you have a great week. Best regards, James


  2. Great series as always Mike. Fascinating place and your macros have an edge to them not many others can get, compositionally and technically.


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