Fitzrovia heights

These sleek new buildings stand in the heart of London, in the fashionable district of Fitzrovia just a stone’s throw away from the shopping thoroughfares of Oxford and Regent Streets.

These hunks of steel and glass stand on the site once occupied by the long defunct Middlesex Hospital. The only original building left intact was the glittering Fitzrovia Chapel. Its brick exterior is now tightly hugged by the new development.

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Gallery entrance

21 thoughts on “Fitzrovia heights

    • Thank you once again, James. It was hard to convey how the chapel is surrounded by these contemporary structures. I think I like both in equal measure. Looking forward to more from your new Northern chapter – a whole wealth of landscape to explore. Have a good week ahead yourself.

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  1. Great shots … I do love London … though seeing all these buildings reminds me why London has become too expensive to live in. Who knew there were so many rich people. :-)


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