Shoreditch streets


The London district of Shoreditch is just a stone’s throw away from the city’s business district. It’s become synonymous with being achingly trendy, packed with cool bars, shops and eateries. It’s the home of the Cereal Killer Cafe which serves nothing but a bewildering array of boxed breakfast delights. The demographic is young and hip, with beards and man buns a-plenty.

So I made the journey from staid west London to prowl the streets of Shoreditch with my camera. It’s urban with some rough edges and a lot of graffiti art, but has a lot of sumptuous little shops and places to eat. The vibrant facades and store fronts caught my eye, along with details of architecture. It was easy to capture people as they went about their business.

There’s a lot of see and absorb in a small area. I’d thoroughly recommend a photo walk – keep your eyes peeled.

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14 thoughts on “Shoreditch streets

  1. Superb series of images. I especially like Victorian twins. I very much enjoyed the vibrant colors; along with the horizontal and vertical lines. Graffiti meters is a real gem too – clever.


    • Dan, thank you very much, I appreciate your comments. It’s an area full of inspiration – not always pretty, but compelling somehow. I returned to another nearby area of east London today which had the same vibe.


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