Towers of the east

When you stroll around the fashionable London districts of Hoxton and Shoreditch, you tend to look straight ahead to spot bijou little shops, high-class eateries – and hipsters sporting beards.

But this part of the city has more than its fair share of high-rise buildings, from very modern glass-clad affairs to the concrete bunkers from the 1960s. Futuristic or retro, these tall edifices are bursting with perspective. So if you pay a visit, take a few moments to stand still and look up.

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15 thoughts on “Towers of the east

  1. Love your take on these buildings, I was going to say that Rich Mix Yellow was my fav. but then I went further and they got better and more abstract and then I couldn’t decide. What a great series Mike you’ve got some interesting buildings in your part of the world or maybe it’s just your take on them ? :)


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