5 of 2015

Another year of photography is drawing to a close. My camera and I have found new places to capture here in London, and travelled further afield on this island and beyond. I set myself the task of selecting just five shots that have stood out during 2015. Choosing the ‘winner’ is a job I’ll leave to your better judgement – please vote at the end of this post. Here’s to a productive year – Happy 2016 to you all.


Tower descent (Mono)

This photograph was taken on a memorable visit to Sweden. We had clambered up the tower of Stockholm’s imposing city hall. My friend Annakaisa was positioned beautifully in this elegant clasp of brickwork on the trip back down. The shot was strong in colour and with more gravity in monochrome.


Low tide landThis was captured at a wedding with a touch of magic at the Kent seaside resort of Whitstable. At low tide ‘the street’ revealed itself, allowing walkers to venture far from the shore. The figures in the frame add to this composition for me.


BrownsA simple pile of autumn leaves. I spent some time in studio shoots capturing a range of inanimate objects from kitchenware to summer fruits. The studio becomes your world – what happens there is down to you.


Tulip circleA piece of architectural splendour I’d been meaning to capture for some time. The Tulip Staircase is in the Queen’s House at Greenwich, which contains a rich cluster of beautiful heritage buildings.



A recent portrait of my Greek friend Ilias, on an urban stroll around London’s Hoxton area. This was a pivotal moment when I made a concerted effort to place people at the centre of my photography. This sparked a germ of an idea which will hopefully feature in the coming year.

Gallery entrance

25 thoughts on “5 of 2015

  1. All fantastic photos Mike, but I chose Ilias because of the new direction of focus – and I’m dying to see where it leads.


    • Thanks so much, Lee. He will be pleased! There’s hopefully a little project taking shape in my mind – we’ll see. And a very Happy New Year to you. I hope 2016 is a fruitful and fulfilling one.


  2. I am partial to the Tulip Staircase, but the Tower Descent runs a close second. Going to be in your neck of the woods next week. Really looking forward to a little camera fun in your fair city.


  3. Ooh! Tough choice! The two standouts were the leaves and the tulip circle, but I went with the leaves because it showed a departure from your usual style and preferred shots. Five great images and a lovely 2015, Mike! :)


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