The British coast in winter is often freezing. A little desolate. And with leaden, depressing skies. But it’s not all bad news.

The coastline around Hunstanton in Norfolk has broad, sandy beaches and a magical low tide which make bracing walks longer and more invigorating. Those skies stretch the horizon, while the empty beach huts stand proud and colourful. Strong winds brought paragliders to the water and dozens of strollers were not deterred by the odd miniature sandstorm.

I came here three years ago but this time it felt different. My eyes were drawn to the architectural details of the seaside and those huge vistas which the camera devoured with pleasure. The inspiration had changed but it was still winter – and was wrapped up warmly.

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14 thoughts on “Bracing

  1. Those people even look cold! ‘One Man’ exemplifies all that I associate with low tide on beaches (anywhere) in winter! A lovely image. Have you cropped Rock Strewn and Brave Souls or is one a panorama and the other taken at a different aspect ratio? Just curious Mike because Rock Strewn doesn’t ‘look’ like a panorama but not knowing the size of the rocks, could be :)


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