Grand mosque

This magnificent building was my main incentive for taking a trip to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Situated on a huge site to the north of the country’s capital, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque can accommodate 41,000 worshippers and is an opulent feat of architecture, completed in 2007.

But my visit, under the piercing blue of an Arabian Gulf sky, was less about religious observance as tourists from all over the world flocked to see this impressive complex. It’s a myriad of pillars, windows, arches and domes, while the interior is studded with gems and cut glass.

With tourists come phones, selfie sticks and iPads in a building where photography is thankfully allowed. It feels almost impossible to take an original image. But with this wealth of lines, symmetry, colour and majesty, you just have to go with your instinct and capture what enthralls your own eye.

This isn’t the end of the story with the mosque. There is even more to come…

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27 thoughts on “Grand mosque

  1. This is an extraordinary building and I can see why you were drawn to it. I saw the first image on Instagram and wondered where it was. You’ve done this building proud, Mike.


  2. Your reduced images simplify the garish beauty of this overall structure. The overall complex (I assume) is suggestive of power and wealth that few of us can comprehend. [Any of us? Most of us? Whatever.] By reducing the parts, however, I see a stunning artistic understanding and replication of nature’s finest forms. Well done, Mike. Well done.


    • Raye, thank you so much for coming by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, it’s a testament to power and wealth, not to mention a very compelling reason for visiting this city. Some of it is rather overdone, but other elements are beautiful. The sense of space and symmetry – if it isn’t cluttered up by visitors – is wonderful to capture.

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  3. Lots of gold and white with few details of colour. In The Netherlands we call it ‘kitsch’ (shoddy according to Google Translate), beautiful but a bit too much ;)

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