311 steps

These days, if you want a good view across London you visit superskyscrapers The Shard, the Walkie Talkie or take a spin on the London Eye.

But there’s a 17th century vantage point which is still holding its own and brings the visitors flocking in. It doesn’t even have a lift, but 311 stone steps to a small viewing platform. The Monument was erected to mark London’s regeneration after the devastating Great Fire of 1666, with golden plumes of flame atop the slender stone pillar.

So it was less than good planning to turn up on a Bank Holiday around midday. It was very busy, with two-way traffic on the narrow stairway. And the viewing platform was quite a squeeze. But the views are impressive, given that modern viewpoints tower over this one. There’s no grubby, over-reflective glass either, but a sturdy wire mesh which you can photograph through – and is an interesting feature in its own right.

Clamber up the stone steps if you find yourself in the City of London – you’ll get a certificate for your efforts. But do come early.

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14 thoughts on “311 steps

  1. You’ve got high…, above the ground. I love the photo with the golden ‘flames’, great depth in that subject. And a lovely composition with the fence, the blue sky and the sun. A bit abstract :-)

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  2. Still no ‘Like’ facility for the individual photos, but they are, once again, a great set of images. And, given that it was really busy, you did well to only get one photo with people in it!! I’ve not been up the Monument since I was knee high to a grasshopper, but pass it when I’m allowed out of the sticks to visit Head Office in London. I definitely need to add it to my list again (although perhaps avoiding a Bank Holiday!)


    • Thanks Richard, yes I really had to fight to avoid the crowds on this one. I think the trick is to plan ahead and find the off-peak for this particular attraction. And yes, the like button on carousels seems to have quietly slipped away with no Dashboard facility to opt in or out (which I’m sure there used to be). I’ve started a Support thread to discover whether I missed an important memo! But I guess it’s not the likes but whether good people like yourself take the time to have a good old click through :)

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