Night Shard

Night lights and reflectionsA rainy evening high, high above London. A chance to witness dusk and lighting-up time across the city from a commanding vantage point. This is the view from The Shard, one of Europe’s highest buildings. I’ve visited during the day, but the night view surpassed that, with the atmosphere in the partially open 72nd floor viewing platform wholly transformed.

But this is also a tale of photographic teeth-gnashing. You cannot bring tripods on your visit, essential for low light photography and opening the shutter for longer periods. You have to rely on stretching regular exposure times as far as possible and cranking up the ISO. It’s frustrating to know how sparkling and golden your images could be with the right tools. I suppose we all have to head to the gift shop for our beautiful photos of a brightly lit London – or simply make do…

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Gallery entrance

9 thoughts on “Night Shard

  1. Very frustrating for you and any other ‘real’ photographer (as opposed to iPhones) but you still managed to get some great shots and wow, you are high! A very different look at London.


    • Thank you Lee, glad you like them, I suppose not bad given the restrictions. It’s one thing doing quick iPhone captures to say you were there, but a bit different if you want to take some time over them – always needed when there’s very little light! That probably sounds elitist and snobby…

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