Summer houses

A corner of London’s Hyde Park has sprouted a clutch of summer houses. These pieces of artful architecture are an extension of the Serpentine Gallery’s annual Pavilion, this year a tall, elaborate and elegant structure made up of individual boxes.

The star of the show has to be Asif Khan’s contribution, a very attractive formation of tall white struts which reach into the sky and capture light and form. And yes, there’s seating in the middle. There’s plenty of time to join other Londoners who have wandered around these installations – they will be in the park until 9 October. Oh, and bring your camera…

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14 thoughts on “Summer houses

  1. Thank so much Mike for sharing this great part of the Park and what a contrast from the strutted “foundations” of the structure and the roots of the neighbouring trees. Yet the two compliment each other and make us think about the harmony of modern structures in our landscapes. Hope all is well and have a great week.


    • Hi James, good to hear from you and thanks for your appreciation as always. You have spotted something there with man-made and natural roots. I hope you’re having a good weekend and I must peruse some more of your work from your majestic northern base.


      • Hi Mike, always great to hear from you. Thanks for asking the weekend is very much pottering around the garden and house before going to coast tomorrow. Hope all is well with you and I shall be posting some more work in the latter part of the week. Have a terrific day. Regards.


  2. Sometimes I long to be part of events like this, the stimulation of something new, manmade and totally foreign to stir up the mental synapses, let alone find the best creative angle to shoot from. As usual you’ve created a great group Mike, and I can see these through your eyes.

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