New Tate Modern

One of London’s major visitor attractions has grown. Tate Modern, a vast repository of art, has an entire new wing. This distinctive twisted pyramid of a building is 10 storeys tall and a fitting addition to the main building, once a vast power station.

The stylish, spartan interior is an expanse of exposed concrete and untreated blond wood, while the windows are partly covered with the lattice of brickwork enveloping the exterior. The building is topped with a viewing platform which draws the crowds away from the art and to views of London.

This large new public space is as busy as the original gallery. But it was easy to capture pure architecture – and photograph visitors as they went about their business and interacted with this fresh place.

Click first image to view the gallery

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20 thoughts on “New Tate Modern

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  3. It’s a very photogenic building! I’ve been there a couple of times now; my only comment on the building itself is that there seems to be a lot of wasted space (particularly on the upper levels). Having said that, you have some beautiful photos here, Mike. Nicely captured! :)


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