A very British resort

Take an English seaside town on a holiday weekend. The gods are smiling and the sun is shining. In fact, it’s blazing hot. Broadstairs on the Kent coast has all the traditional elements – commanding Victorian buildings, sandy bays filled with deck chairs and windbreaks, a plethora of beach huts. Throw in a fish and chip lunch at a pub, an ice-cream sundae at an old-fashioned cafe and a touch of sunburn, and you have a day of memories. It was the same for the throngs who joined us that day, bringing so many people into this pen portrait of British life by the sea.

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9 thoughts on “A very British resort

    • Thank you so much for your comments, Bunty. Yes, there was a lot of blaring colour on a hot summer’s day, while this worked well for the monochrome conversions too. Well we don’t get such good weather all the time, but I’d recommend a seasonal visit.


  1. I do like Broadstairs – not been there in ages! If I am honest, some of the colours are a little on the brash side for me, but again, a great summary of a seaside town. I REALLY like Miss You… Great find! :)


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