Farewell to London

After living in London for more than 16 years, it’s time to say goodbye. I’m heading north to Manchester for fresh challenges and a whole new hinterland for photography.

I’ve been looking back over thousands of photographs taken in this city over the past five years, meaning much of my time here is locked in memories. This tiny fraction of images touches upon London’s scale and grand architecture – and places I’ve spent many hours in or passed by so many times. A goodbye here is a hello elsewhere – see you again soon from pastures new.

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16 thoughts on “Farewell to London

  1. A great city beautifully captured as always, Mike. Well done for resisting the temptation to put the Table Dancing and Bush Hall photos together! Here’s to Manchester and a new start! :) x


  2. I look forward to seeing Manchester through your eyes and lens. I hope the move is all you hoped for. — Of this series I especially like the Hammersmith Bridge (perhaps because I have walked across it) and Dank Platform.

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    • Thanks for your good wishes, Bunty. I think Manchester will have plenty to offer for my camera and I. This set was almost impossible to put together, so I went for the familiar and well-worn for these past years. Hammersmith Bridge is still my local Thames crossing, and a very nice one it is too.


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