Winter sunshine

The British winter can be long and unrelenting. Sunlight is often in scant supply, the days are short – and it’s cold. If you’re prepared to travel, you can find guaranteed sunshine and summer temperatures. This country is a six-hour flight away, and about the closest place to find surefire fine weather.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is now established as a winter getaway, but further north in the Arabian Gulf is the small emirate of Qatar. Daytime temperatures in January are around 25C and the skies remain largely blue. Its showpiece capital city Doha sits on the water, offering beaches and terraces for enjoying the favourable climate.

There’s plenty more to share from this dynamic nation, but this could be the winter destination you simply haven’t considered yet…

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Khor al AdaidClick to enlarge


12 thoughts on “Winter sunshine

  1. We all need a health dose of Vitamin D at this time of year, and yours has certainly paid off, Mike! Loving Arabian Dawn and Cactus on Pink and the repetition of Jetty Lamps and Seaside Tracks! May have to add Qatar to my list!


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