Architectural cool

This building sits on a small island in Doha, capital city of Qatar. It’s only been opened since 2008 but has fast become a must-see part of any visit.

For me, the Museum of Islamic Art became less about its beautiful treasures and more about this standout piece of architecture. The geometric pile of cool white stone dazzles against the blue skies of an Arabic winter, full of sharp lines and cool detail. Inside, the clean theme continues, and there is a show-stopping central atrium, topped with a beautiful skylight.

This may well be my favourite building in the world so far. Take a look for yourself…

Click first image to see the collection

Gallery entrance

19 thoughts on “Architectural cool

  1. I moved to Doha in March 2016 and, since then, never bothered to pay this spot an actual visit. Great collection & thanks for sharing! You just inspired a visit 👍🏻👌🏼


  2. Stunning choices of angle and light and I agree with Jane that the inclusion of people lends a scale to the images that might not otherwise be discernable. I do love how the archietect has included wonderful elements of Islamic art into a thoroughly modern building.


    • Hello Jane, thank you so much. It was such a pleasure to have this to work with and I’m also pleased there were people to place some frames. You must pop in if you ever find yourself in Qatar!


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