Doha after dark

Night falls quickly in the Middle East and lasts a long time. Evenings can turn quite chilly in the depths of what passes for winter there. In Qatar’s showpiece capital city, Doha, the darkness is immediately studded with the twinkling lights of its many skyscrapers.

My haven for capturing this multicoloured cityscape was the jetty at the St Regis Hotel, my palatial home there. It was always empty, giving me peace and space for some long exposure photography.

There were also other places to capture the bright night city, including Z Lounge, a swish cocktail bar perched on the 61st floor of a tower block – a spectacular view but harder to photograph. And in the evening hubbub of the city’s souk, I found the entrance to a restaurant bedecked like Aladdin’s cave. You’ll never be afraid of the dark in this city…

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