Desert sea

Qatar isn’t all about its ultra-modern, glittering capital city Doha. In fact, you don’t have to travel far to explore the desert wilderness of this Arabian country. A popular excursion is taking a jeep to the wastes for some exhilarating ‘dune bashing’, a spot of camel riding and to see this small country’s hidden gem.

The Khor al Adaid – or Inland Sea – is a channel of the Arabian Gulf which cuts deep into the desert. It’s a sparkling blue body of water separating Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Aside from the odd jeep, it’s calm, quiet and mostly unspoilt. There are no high-rise resorts here. You’re likely to be offered this trip in Qatar – my advice is to go and take your camera with you.

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15 thoughts on “Desert sea

    • Thank you very much :) The camels and a discarded flip-flop were useful to bring another colour to the sand. It’s an unexpected and beautiful spot, in the middle of the Arabian desert.


  1. A gaggle of camels? Is that really what a number of camels is called? If so I’ve just learnt something for today! Love Aqua and Cream but then again I love clear water. Is Qatar your second home now, Mike?


  2. Beautiful how the red accents come to life in the yellow desert. Great captured, Mike! (and I love the one with the bedecked camel!)


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