A walk in Manchester

The canal path linking my Manchester community of Castlefield to the heart of the city recently opened up again. I explored its length for the first time since moving north. Its dark stretches can be a little daunting and desolate, while areas of the Rochdale Canal need tidying up. 

But this waterside walk takes you past the back side of some of Manchester’s powerful industrial buildings and recent musical heritage. It’s a route to the Northern Quarter – a grungy, vibrant place full of life and youthful businesses. This was a great northern photo walk with plenty to capture…

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17 thoughts on “A walk in Manchester

  1. Hi Mike,
    It really has been an age since I have had time to catch up with posts and commenting. I hope that you are well and it seems you have taken Manchester by the horns and are on an interesting voyage of discovery. Great set of images vibrant, abstract and detailed, but then I would not expect anything less from the master of local studies.

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    • Hi James, very good to hear from you. You’re right, Manchester is proving to be a rich ground for photographic inspiration and it’s great to slowly discover somewhere new. I know that you’ve found it similar in your northern base. We must try to engineer a crossing of the proverbial paths in the near future.


  2. Can see you have lost none of your visuals north of Watford – pleasure to browse your collections over a coffee and take time to digest. Rochdale Gold indeed!

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