New Manchester

I’ve had my first true taste of summer since moving to Manchester last September. Crowds of sun-hungry people have flocked to the waterways, green spaces and al fresco bars of Castlefield.

With a city draped in piercing blue skies, I turned my camera to the city’s growing crop of contemporary tall buildings – hulks of steel and glass that glint in this light. 

This left out the slender Beetham Tower, Manchester’s tallest building which has enthralled me for months. The colour palette for these shots is overwhelmingly blue, which turns dramatic and even menacing in monochrome.

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6 thoughts on “New Manchester

  1. Fabulous photos! I adore this city too…but sadly after 7 years living here it seems this “new Manchester” that you’re seeing is often a very transient one! Enjoy it while it lasts (no doubt our all too familiar rain will be just around the corner!) x


    • Hi Helen, thanks for coming by and I’m glad you like the photos. You’re right, it’s got a bit cooler and greyer today, but good news for the thousands of runners out in force. It’s a great city to capture and I;m glad it’s now home.

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