Dalmatian blue

Finally, after many years of good intention, I have visited Croatia. This Adriatic country, blessed with a rugged coastline and peppered with islands, is best travelled on a small cruise ship. That’s exactly how I took in southern Dalmatia, from the spectacular city of Dubrovnik to its sleepy little ports. 

Croatia is truly photogenic, and with its calm seas and early summer skies, blue is abundant. For the first delve into my photo album, I’ve picked out my favourite notes of blue from a memorable trip. It’s a place you should add to your wish list if you haven’t already done so.

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19 thoughts on “Dalmatian blue

      • Of course Croatia is on my to do list:). Every destination is unique, just depends on ourself if we follow the crowd or do our own thing and try to see the real local(s). Friday I’am leaving to Trieste-Kobarid-Tolmin (Isonzo WW1 battlefields) and finishing in charming Piran… gonna be my second time in Slovenia, probably the most pure country in Europe.


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