Shingle spit

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I thought it was a lifeguard, peering out to sea. But no, it was a man with his camera standing on a lofty vantage point. He beat me to it.

This is Zlatni Rat on the island of Brac on Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic coastline. It’s this amazing spit of land made up of shingle, and has become a popular spot for Croatians and overseas visitors to Dalmatia. You approach it from the small town of Bol via a broad pine-clad avenue. The sea shimmers a myriad of blues and sailing boats bob gently on the water. 

Like many places around this country, it’s well worth a visit. Here are just a few more Zlatni Rat moments…

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19 thoughts on “Shingle spit

  1. Oh come on, you could have told us it was you and we would have all believed you!!! :) Love the pastel colours in this series, it struck me as soon as your post came up.

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