End of the Wirral

This memorable day trip started with a train from Manchester to Liverpool and then my first ride on the ‘Scouse Metro’ which takes you beneath the Mersey to Birkenhead and deeper into the Wirral peninsula. At the end of the line is the town of West Kirby.

It sits on the estuary of the River Dee as it flows into the Irish Sea, with the north Wales coast across the water. But for much of the day there’s little water as the tide is out, creating a vast expanse of open sand. This was a day of rain and leaden skies, making the sense of space even greater.

West Kirby also has a marine lake circled by a road – a natural place for walks. It adds to the sense of place in this distant part of a great northern peninsula.

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18 thoughts on “End of the Wirral

  1. What a fascinating place, it looks like you can walk to Wales! I never knew this side of England had its sand flats too. Thanks for the education Mike. Love your images and the places you get too in your travels whether home or overseas.


    • Hello Lee and thank you very much. It was all new to me as well and I didn’t think it would be quite so impactful. There are some little islands which I believe are officially Welsh which are quite easy to walk to :)

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  2. Your photography has taken another giant leap – those wide angle landscapes have a shockingly sharp intake of breath impact.


  3. There’s a lovely starkness to these images. The beaches around New Brighton are endless at low tide, and has harsh and desolate in winter as you can find. Loving that you’re loving your new northern surroundings, Mike! :)


  4. Great photos, Mike. I love the first one (‘Skies over Wales’), if you had said this one was taken in Texas, USA, I would believe you too. And, I’m wondering why there’s a ‘Love box’ in the middle of nowhere…


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