On the edge of Manchester

Manchester carries on far beyond its big, handsome heart. In 1974, the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester was created, giving the city a suburban and rural hinterland.

I took a short train journey to its very edges, to the mill town of Stalybridge which used to be in Cheshire. And then the little rural town of Greenfield which sits in the shadow of mighty Saddleworth Moor and still has Lancashire in its postal addresses.

With tranquil canals, post-industrial grit, hill views and stone cottages, this was a long way from Manchester’s bright lights.

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6 thoughts on “On the edge of Manchester

  1. There’s a comforting simplicity in the old historic northern towns. Even nowadays they represent a life that could only have existed in a town in that part of England. Where else (in the world) could you get a Tripe and Sandwich shop? Where else would an Industrial Cooperative Society exist other than a town like Greenfield? Gorgeous images, Mike! :)


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