Salford soul

Salford is a city in its own right, but you might be hard-pressed to tell it apart from Manchester, its metropolitan twin. Nip across the River Irwell from Manchester’s heart and you’re on Chapel Street, the historic centre of Salford. 

Soaring into the sky is the slim spire of its Roman Catholic cathedral, a relatively short walk away from Manchester’s main Anglican church. It’s less visited but just as impressive, with a vastly glorious stained glass East Window and lofty wooden rafters.

Even if you’re not of a spiritual persuasion, it’s hard not to be moved by this architecture.

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7 thoughts on “Salford soul

  1. Gorgeous images, Mike! I’m not religious in a ‘almighty being’ kind of way, but always seem to spend time seeking out churches and cathedral while abroad… The architecture you’ve photographed is amazing! :)

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