Hills and lakes

Cumbria’s Lake District is one of the wonders of the British Isles. I’ve only just visited it for the very first time and have no idea why it took so long.

We stayed in the spectacular Langdale Valley, north of Lake Windermere. The hills were shrouded in fog throughout our break, adding drama to the landscape. It’s a place to clamber the pikes, walk the valleys and amble along lakeside paths. 

This is a beautiful world away from the urban cut and thrust of Manchester – and close enough to visit again.

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9 thoughts on “Hills and lakes

  1. Cumbria is one of our favourites. My wife was brought up in Lancashire so The Lakes were never far away, and I have been holidaying up there, off and on, for sixty years. I’m glad you’ve found it – a lovely gallery of images. There’s always ‘weather’ up there, and the scenery never quite looks the same.

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  2. Beautiful spot, I’m surprised you hadn’t been there before! Photos really do it justice, Mike, and you English do leafy pathways soooo well :)


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