Autumnal notes

Autumn arrives every year without fail, and with it a billion photographs of warm oranges and burnt russets. It’s hard to resist, but I wonder why we do it. One year I avoided the fall altogether, another year I took some leaves indoors in an effort to do something different.

On a recent break in Wales, I found an autumnal spot and succumbed to the inevitable. Do you ever think it’s best to sail against the tide and put your camera down when everyone else is snapping away?

Sweeping leaves to one side, a seasonal moment came to me one dark afternoon as the rain lashed against the window pane and darkness had already set in. A moment when outdoor bleakness almost seeped in. This capture of mood made me want to pick up my camera.

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6 thoughts on “Autumnal notes

  1. Gloom through the window encapsulates Autumn, a wonderful image. Nothing wrong with the others Mike just like the difference and the mood it creates :)

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    • Thanks Lee, lovely to hear from you and hope you’re enjoying the oncoming of Spring :) Yes, I prefer the window to the leaves – it’s more a statement of feeling than season, in many ways. I need to have a long overdue scoot around your latest pictures soon!

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  2. Very poetic words, Mr Osborn! You know my reticence to photograph anything stereotypically autumnal, but once in a while it’s not too bad, I guess. I do like the main image, though… A proper British autumn!

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