Northern winter sunset

This is when your return from a lovely day out is so well-timed that you catch a beautiful sunset.

Winter is closing in here in Manchester, and the walkway near Deansgate-Castlefield tram stop is an excellent place to watch the sun slide away. The sky is pierced with urban silhouettes, adding detail to sundown frames. Down by the canal, there’s a purple haze to the water and a few lit windows beckon you into cosy interiors.

The northern chill seems to bring more dramatic colour schemes to the darkening sky. It may no longer be warm and the nights are lengthy and dark, but isn’t that a small price to pay?…

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12 thoughts on “Northern winter sunset

  1. Gorgeous images, Mike. The first and third are more traditional sunset silhouettes, but the canal one really stands out for me! The colours and warmth of the shot, even though it probably wasn’t that warm, are really beautiful! :)

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  2. Excellent is too mundane a word – you are one of those giant league boots photographers Mike – capturing the cold current of Northern light – that is what photography is all about and time and again I forget this!


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