Prowl along the canal

A dark winter evening walk along Manchester’s canal paths is not for everyone. It can be desolate, dingy and a little unnerving.

But I went with my camera to capture some of the urban canalside atmosphere. I left my tripod behind and relied on slow exposure speeds and the pools of man-made light.

At times it was just too dark, but there was still a lot to see… apart from many other human souls.

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18 thoughts on “Prowl along the canal

    • Thank you, Bunty. It possibly isn’t something for the faint-hearted, but I wanted to capture some of that mood and atmosphere. I live close to the canal but at night it’s mostly seen from the comfort of home!


  1. Some lovely dark and moody shots, Mike. I like the pools of light, but it’s the smaller details – the cobwebs in “Lit by Yellow”, for example – that really stand out. Great work (although be careful, prowling the back alleys of Manchesterford!)


  2. I love cities at night. they take on such different characters. I used to spend hours walking around the City of London at night, eerie, quiet, soulful, chilling, peaceful….best time ever

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