Return to Television Centre

I worked in this iconic BBC building for many years until its closure in 2013.

It was sold off and underwent a lengthy redevelopment process which I witnessed first hand.

Television Centre is now open for business again, and I went to take a look on a flying visit to London.

It’s now an upmarket residential complex with smart facilities – a cafe now occupies the place I used to enter the building every day.

It was a disquieting visit, seeing the completion of such great change, contemplating memories and a past era…

Click first image to see the gallery

BBC Television Centre in March 2013


7 thoughts on “Return to Television Centre

  1. It looks great, like to see it! Where is it? I’m off down to London tomorrow might go and have a look if I have time.


  2. I popped up there a few weeks ago – while there have been a lot of changes, it’s reassuring to see (most of) the same buildings there as before. Having said that, I didn’t work there, so can imagine the difference you saw and felt, Mike.


  3. Sometimes we shouldn’t return to places we knew well and the memories they hold when the change is so great :) Totally understand the disquieting bit.


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