A taste of Greece

It’s taken me a long time to get around to visiting Greece, a favourite of Britons and all tourists alike.

I chose the island of Santorini, famed for its azure seas, cliff-clinging villages and magical sunsets.

It delivered all of this and had a fantastic light for photography.

But I have to be an honest traveller. Santorini is incredibly popular and crawls with visitors. Quad bikes choke the roads and destinations like Oia trap tourists like flies. Departing from the oversubscribed airport can be an uncomfortable experience.

If you want to relax in the Greek islands, choose one of the many others which still enjoy relative anonymity. A lesson learned…

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30 thoughts on “A taste of Greece

  1. Hey! we might have been there at the same time! I was on Santorini the last week of Sept and have to totally agree with you about the tourists (of course we’re not tourists ourselves, just photographers). Though we had the tail end of Cyclone Zorba and overcast skies, the ferries were cancelled for 2 days which caused chaos. The number of tourists behaving badly just to capture a ‘selfie’ was amazing – walking on church roofs and intruding into peoples properties, but it was the crush of people at sunset in Oia that was the worst!

    Would I go again, no, though I did enjoy my stay and happy with my shots. Maybe I’d go to an island way off the tourist route, if such a one exists. I believe most places shut down over the winter, where we stayed closed at the end of Oct for 5 months as were a number of other places both on Santorini and Mykonos (went there too :) Most waiter staff come over for 7 months non stop work and go back home again for the 5 month off.

    Love your shots, could recognise many of the places as the same ones we went to. Here’s to a tourist free trip next time.

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    • Hi Lee, lovely to hear from you. How funny! I was there at the start of September so must have missed you by s couple of weeks. I tried to avoid getting too many of the crowds into shot but felt it was hard to do something different. My year of travel has started in earnest so stay tuned for some other destinations – hopefully less well trodden ones. I’ll call by soon to see how you captured Santorini.


  2. Beautiful photos of a fully packed, touristic island. You’ve managed to take photos without the many tourists! I guess I can delete this island from my bucket list :)


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