Cuban candids

I’m a reluctant portrait and street photographer. But a recent trip to the revolutionary island of Cuba pushed me into unusual territory.

This Caribbean land mass has a large and engaging population. The warm climate means that life often takes place outdoors. People gather in city squares and on street corners, meaning it’s relatively easy to capture images.

My tips for remaining undetected are a good zoom lens and an ability to pretend that you’re taking a photograph of something else. As you can see with some of these images, that didn’t always work.

But if this gives just a hint of the Cuban people’s essence, it was worth the effort.

Click first image to see the gallery

20 thoughts on “Cuban candids

  1. The Cuban people definitely drew my lens when I visited the island a few years ago, and you have summed them up beautifully. Thinker drew me in straight away; Special Brigadeer seems comfortable about you taking his photo; Doorway Man errs on the voyeuristic side… Is this a new style?! :) Great images, Mike! :)


  2. Love the colour contrast in WiFi Hotspot, Mike. And sometimes you DO just have to make a portrait/people shot :) You seem to be getting to some very different places at present, happy travels.

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