Welcome to Ethiopia

This was my first taste of sub-Saharan Africa and I was a little apprehensive before departing.

I chose Ethiopia because of its unique place on the continent – the only ancient country never to have been truly colonised by Europeans.

A lot of the ancient culture still stands in the guise of rock-hewn churches and magnificent castles. Add in some spectacular landscape and you have somewhere well worth visiting.

Ethiopia is a developing country which takes some getting used to. But the odd hotel shower that doesn’t work is part of the experience. 

Most of all it’s a proud, bustling nation that’s a long way from the harrowing images of famine we witnessed in the 1980s.

I’ll revisit Ethiopia soon with a post about its people.

Click first image to view the gallery

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Ethiopia

  1. A beautiful mini-travelogue, Mike, as with all of your photography, it really brings the place alive. I love the (unintentional) irony of the fact that Ethiopia was never truly colonised by the Europeans, and yet the mannequins in your dressmakers image are seemingly European, or at least Western! :)


  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us, Mike. Somehow, the African continent is too far away for me. I suppose, the many wars on this continent are not good for the image.


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