Glorious Georgia

This small country is sandwiched between the Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains and packs a punch way beyond its size.

Georgia is steeped in history and studded with impressive monasteries, richly decorated churches and rustic castles. Combine that with its mountainous terrain, and you have the real Game of Thrones country.

Its attractive capital Tbilisi bristles with life and energy – definitely worth considering as a long weekend destination.

Unlike its historically introspective neighbour Armenia, Georgia looks to Europe for its future destiny and has a palpable dynamism. It’s a country I would definitely visit again.

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6 thoughts on “Glorious Georgia

  1. Thanks to Dutch TV program ‘Wie is de Mol’ we’ve already seen the beauty of Georgia in 2018. The beautiful monasteries, the old village in the mountains and the overwhelming landscapes were a pleasant surprise to see, because I didn’t know the country at all. In your photos I again see the beauty of this country, you’ve captured the diversity of the country in a great way.

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