Portraits of Ethiopia

My visit to Ethiopia shattered the 1980s image of an impoverished nation wracked by famine. Today it’s a thriving, bustling place with a population in excess of 100 million people.

It’s very easy to make contact with Ethiopians as a Western visitor – they’re enthusiastic and want to talk to you. Kids are delighted when you take their photograph. Like Cuba, life is lived outdoors in the warm climate, so it’s easy to come away with candid shots.

They’re a proud bunch, with young people taking great pride in their appearance. Their elders are often serene with wisdom-etched faces. If, like me, you tend to shy away from capturing humans, Ethiopia may shift your focus.

Click first image to view the gallery

11 thoughts on “Portraits of Ethiopia

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  2. Gorgeous images, Mike. The ones that draw me in immediately are Candid Pose and Camel Market Man. It’s an unexplored region and, as you say, as a Westerner, my ideas of the country are tainted by the Michael Buerke shots from the 1980s. A lovely summary, therefore, of a warm and welcoming people. :)


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