Distant Chile is the longest nation on Earth, snaking its way down the side of South America. Its geography is monumentally diverse, starting in the north with the Atacama Desert.

This is the most otherworldly and magical place on Earth that I’ve visited. Between the barren, mesmerising landscape there are vast salt pans inhabited by flamingos, geysers which only bubble into life before sunrise, and Martian sunsets cloaking lunar terrain. A photographic spectacle.

Visitors are looked after well in this at times inhospitable place – you can even have drinks to witness the sunset and a hot breakfast rustled out of nowhere to see off the freezing dawn.

It may be a long journey to Chile, but the rewards are there.

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8 thoughts on “Atacama

  1. You have been fortunate to have seen so much over the last twelve months, Mike. These little peeks into the wonders you have seen are brilliant, so thank you for sharing. :) (Oh, and Medicinal Bather?! ;) )

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  2. You sure are getting around Mike! Again you are showing me a different story on a place to the ones I’ve been told before and love it. Have you retired? been retrenched? just got sick of the job? or why not? and what the hell it’s only one life? You don’t need to answer but you are seeing the world.

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