Desert country

This vast, sparsely populated nation possesses ancient landscapes which overwhelm and inspire in equal measure.

Namibia sits above South Africa and is a 12-hour flight from Europe. Its natural terrain is remarkable, but there’s far more besides.

It has the full complement of African wildlife, from giraffes and elephants to crowds of antelope, ostrich and pink flamingo.

Namibia’s historical quirk is being one of Imperial Germany’s colonial adventures, which has left a lasting architectural and cultural legacy.

And those fans of abandonment porn, the ghostly mining town of Kolmanskop is a must in a country where your camera will work hard.

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8 thoughts on “Desert country

  1. Beautiful images Mike. Namibia is on my list… Favorites if I have to choose are Top of the Dunes, Two Trees, Night Sky and Colonial Colors.

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  2. Wow! An awesome series of images of a country I’d not even considered before! Three photos stand out in particular for me: Two Trees, Consumed and Climbers Dune 45. Lovely, Mike – your travels are throwing up some real gems! :)

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