The magic of Iceland

Spectacular, awe-inspiring, amazing. Just a few of the superlatives that are given to Iceland and its magical landscapes.

This relatively small volcanic island close to the Arctic is packed with snow-capped mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, spurting geysers and a fantastic coastline scattered with glacial chunks and black sand.

I was lucky enough to visit some of these wonders on a tour of the country’s south in May and was even treated to a blanket of snow. If you enjoy landscape photography, Iceland is up there with the best of them.

But a note of caution. It’s now a popular destination and is organised to cope with many visitors. Some attractions are very busy and you may have to go further to experience real wilderness. Even so it’s hard to deny this country’s awesomeness.

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21 thoughts on “The magic of Iceland

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  2. Your photos of Iceland are so beautiful. I want to go there someday! Those mountains remind me of when I traveled to Norway, which I wrote about on
    Thanks for sharing your amazing photos :)


    • Hello there, thanks for coming by and I’m pleased you like the Iceland images. I’ve not been to Norway yet so it’s definitely on the list! Looks like your blog is quite new – it looks good. Keep up the good work!


  3. Spectacular landscapes that you captured in a spectacular way! I have a colleague who recently returned from Iceland with pictures that I found more than disappointing. To make such a gorgeous landscape look dull and boring should be a crime :-) . So I felt quite rewarded to see your pics.

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  4. Iceland is a country that knew and still knows how to stay wild and fortunately not too touristy. We must know how to preserve nature to keep it as it is and for that Iceland is ideal and has, in addition, sublime landscapes


    • There were a few Golden Circle attractions that were pretty busy and developed, but of course a lot of people want to see them. I still was able to stand in places where there was nothing else around but nature :) It’s a hard balancing act for Iceland…

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