South Island

New Zealand is a country that neatly falls into two halves, with a pair of main islands in the South Pacific.

I’ve already introduced you to my view of the North Island, where most of the population reside. 

The south is more rural and rugged, studded with mountains and shimmering blue lakes. Its few cities include Dunedin and Christchurch, which continues to recover following the devastating earthquake of 2011.

For a British traveller, both islands have a comforting familiarity among the peace of fewer people. Overall South Island just edges it for me, while New Zealanders definitely have an affinity with north or south. Which side wins it for you?…

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11 thoughts on “South Island

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  2. It was a wonderful tour, FANTASTIC scenery, good bonding with new friends , and even with the many photos We personally took, yours were different and seen from another perspective —— GREAT. Thank You.

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